Top 10 Lockdown

Top 10 Lockdown

We've delved in to our sales data to uncover the top 10 cities spending the most on sex toys since lockdown began, causing a staggering 31% increase in sex toy sales.

The average spend per person before 23rd March came to £40.20 and increased to £52.69, transforming lockdown isolation pain in to a period of pure pleasure.

Check out our interactive map below, hover over one of the locations and see what your city had been getting up to under the covers. 

From Southampton to Dundee, isolation masturbation was the order of the day! 

Top 10 Towns in Lockdown

Using Ricky's sales data, we've ranked the Top 10 towns according to who spent the most money on sex toys during lockdown.

Hover over a pin on the map to reveal the amount spent and the best selling sex toy.

  • Top Product Best selling Sex Toy
  • Average Order Value Average spend per person

Cambridge comes in first place!

The fine people of Cambridge have been turning to Ricky in their droves during lockdown, spending on average $68.50 per order.

Proving most popular with Brits during lockdown, the bullet vibrator has been the best selling pleasure pleaser - a toy that may be the smallest member of the vibrator family but still packs a punch!

Top 10 Spending Towns in Lockdown

# Location
Top Product Best selling sex toy
Average Order Value Average spend per person
1 Cambridge Rabbit Vibrator $68.50
2 Blackpool Bullet Vibrator $65.11
3 Dundee Wand Vibrator $64.12
4 Coventry Rabbit Vibrator $62.49
5 Basildon Anal Vibrator $61.66
6 Birmingham Wand Vibrator $59.69
7 York Bullet Vibrator $59.40
8 Harlow Masturbators $59.12
9 Manchester Dildo $59.00
10 Southampton G-spot Vibrator $58.11

Who's been doing some saucy spending?

1.  Cambridge

Quick-witted Cambridge residents spiced up their lockdown love lives, enjoying a good old rodgering - rabbit style; with shoppers spending on average £68.50 per person.

2.  Blackpool

Just because the Pleasure Beach closed, Blackpudlians weren’t about to miss out on riding The Big One, spending just over £65 and naming the bullet vibrator their stick-of-rock of choice.

3.  Dundee

Doing it for the Scots, Dundee is the only Scottish city to make our top ten. But they like to play hard, opting for the most powerful vibrator – the wand and spending £64.12 for the pleasure.

4.  Coventry

Coventry are loving the bunny kink, naming the rabbit vibrator their preferred sex toy and spending on average £62.49 on raunchy Ricky items.

5.  Basildon

In the middle of our lust list comes Basildon, for whom £61.66 is a small price to pay for backdoor bliss, choosing anal vibrators as their sex toy of choice.

6.  Birmingham

Loving a wave of the magic wand, our Brummie customers know that Cadbury World isn’t the only place to go for a treat, with an average spend of £59.69 per person.

7.  York

York’s city walls proved no match for an invasion by the bullet during lockdown, splashing out £59.40 on their preferred penetrators.

8.  Harlow

Choosing a masturbator guaranteed to rank your wank higher than ever before, Harlow residents invested £59.12 each on the perfect hand job.

9.  Manchester

The classic dildo has our Mancunians moaning for more, spending on average £59 on Ricky’s range that covers everything from suction cups to strap-ons to satisfy even the hungriest of holes.

10. Southampton

The ladies of Southampton are searching in all the right places to hit the elusive g-spot, spending on average £58.11 in lockdown.

It’s safe to say that couples and singletons are making the most out of this new 10pm curfew. Our sex toys have been creating a real buzz and it’s time everyone makes pleasure a priority!


Our Best Selling Vibrators

Ricky's Deluxe Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator
$71.00 $57.00
Ricky's Ultimate Wand Massager Vibrator
$100.00 $78.00
Power Bullet Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator 3 Colour
Ruby Red Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator
$57.00 $50.00
Satisfyer Love Breeze Air Pulse Stimulator
Satisfyer Curvy 2 + Air Pulse Stimulator (App Enabled)
Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator (App Enabled)
Luxury Tapered Rechargeable Mini Vibrator
$57.00 $50.00
Large Love Egg Vibrator with Wireless Remote Control
Ruby Red Rechargeable G-spot Vibrator
$71.00 $61.00
Satisfyer Endless Fun Multi Vibrator (29 Positions)
Hybris Rechargeable Jewel G-spot Vibrator
$85.00 $64.00
Luxury Gold MegaWand Massager Wand Vibrator
$142.00 $98.00
Rosy Gold Rechargeable Nouveau Mini Curve Massager
$85.00 $57.00
Trix Large Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator
$85.00 $70.00
Pleasure Brush Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator
Pillow Talk Flirty Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator
Aria Rechargeable Mini Vibe Set (2 Attachments)
Luxury Rechargeable Love Egg Vibrator with Wireless Remote Control
$114.00 $84.00
Luxury Dual Density Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator
$92.00 $78.00
Luxury Rechargeable Large Rabbit Vibrator
Themis Rechargeable Jewel Pulsating Rabbit Vibrator
$100.00 $78.00
Large Mains Powered Massager Wand Vibrator
$170.00 $85.00
Luxury High Fashion Rechargeable Clitoral Suction Vibrator
Ooh London Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator Gift Set
$100.00 $70.00
Slim Neck Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator
The Orchid Rechargeable Wand Vibrator
$114.00 $78.00
Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration & Clitoral Suction Vibrator
Satisfyer Partner Multifun Rechargeable Couples Vibrator
Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation Clitoral Suction
Fantasy Mates Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator
Luxury Rechargeable Dual-use Wand & G-spot Vibrator
Rosy Gold Rechargeable Nouveau Curve Massager
$85.00 $64.00
Luxury Rechargeable G-spot Massager Vibrator
Popsicle Rechargeable Classic Vibrator
$71.00 $50.00
Satisfyer Partner Rechargeable Couples Vibrator
Oron Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator
$71.00 $60.00
Lil' Rabbit Bullet Vibrator with Luxury Case
$57.00 $46.00
Couples Lockdown Love-in Bundle
$180.00 $114.00
The Violet Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator
$114.00 $78.00
Yummy Sunshine Rechargeable G-spot Vibrator
Vibrating Double Kegel Ball Set with Remote Control
$93.00 $78.00
Satisfyer Partner Whale Rechargeable Couples Vibrator
Rosy Gold Rechargeable Nouveau Mini Vibrator
$71.00 $50.00
Lil' Tapered Bullet Vibrator with Luxury Case
$57.00 $46.00
Satisfyer Pro 3 + 110 Clitoral Stimulation Combinations
Rosy Gold Rechargeable Nouveau Bullet Vibrator
$57.00 $46.00
Blis Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator
$71.00 $60.00
Ricky's Ultimate Night In Bundle
$206.00 $114.00
Vilain Bianca Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator