For the love of lockdown

Vibing through Corona

Stay calm and keep on masturbating.

We might be the new kids on the block - but you better believe we're fast establishing ourselves as purveyors of the best sex toys in the industry.

During these Covid-19 lockdowns, Ricky's going to throw some eye-watering deals at you to take the boring out of quarantine and put the sexy right outside your front porch.

Throw out your dusty dildo and check out our great value Lockdown Bundles. With huge savings to be had, we've basically stuck our two fingers up to the sex toy shortage and given you filthy deviants more bang for your buck.


As a company run by humans we also recognise the uncertain times we live in right now. It's unsettling for all of us but we can face this coronavirus challenge together.

We're a small company ourselves and we're taking every precaution to keep our team safe. 

We also care about you, our customers. Without you guys we wouldn't have got this far today. Your support means the world to us and we still greatly appreciate the kind words you write about us, your shoutouts on social media and the trust you put in us when you buy one of our terrific vibes.

That's why Ricky is going to be doing giveaways reserved only for our customers. You've had our back over the last year, so why the hell shouldn't we have yours??

If you've purchased something from Ricky make sure you stay tuned to our Instagram & Twitter and also ensure you've subscribed to our very elusive newsletter. You don't want to miss out ;-)

Stay safe, love,

Team Ricky x