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Why Choose Ricky Rechargeable Vibrators?

“Trisha, this shoddy bullet vibrator has run out of battery… again.”

No, no, no, these are certainly not the words of a Ricky customer. All of our good-looking sex toys are rechargeable and with good reason.

We’ve made a conscious company decision to only stock vibrators that come with a charging cable included to ensure we are selling products that deliver strong vibrations with a hassle-free power supply.

Don’t stand (or lie down) for weak vibrations. If you want to experience exceptional orgasms we recommend you use vibrators powered by a rechargeable battery.

Ricky Rabbit is the self-declared king of vibrators. We promise to stay focused and up-to-date to bring you the latest trends and deals in sex toys. We also promise not to diversify and start selling lingerie or sexy clothing. Our game is sex toys and you can depend upon on us for the best quality at the lowest prices.

Why are rechargeable sex toys better?

Stronger vibrations: many sex toys that use disposable batteries will have weaker motors to conserve battery energy. Rechargeable vibrators enjoy powerful vibrations!

Convenient play: once fully charged your rechargeable sex toy is ready for action and charging is as simple as recharging your mobile phone.

Cost effective: the initial purchase price may be a bit higher but then you’re all set. No more batteries to continually pay for.

Environmentally friendly: those used batteries have to be disposed of and many will end up in landfill harming our planet.