ricky rabbit

A little bit about Ricky.com

We’re a spunky new sex toy brand that launched in August 2019 right outta the UK. Yes, British and proud! 

We wanted to build and grow a sex toy brand that focuses on exciting sex toys. We have no plans to take our eyes off the ball and diversify into lingerie or clothing.  We’ll use our laser sharp focus to curate the best vibrators on the market and buy in volume to offer you the lowest prices online.

Many retailers offer a wide spectrum of choice, which can include cheap and nasty ‘tat’ (stuff we could never list on our own site) and also unfair, over-priced vibrators that are totally unnecessary unless you really have cash to burn.

Ricky carefully handpicks our supply partners and negotiates terms to bring premium toys at mainstream pricing. Our vibrators are great quality but also don’t break the bank. 

What really sets us apart from the rest is our commitment to sell sex vibrators that are completely rechargeable. Disposable batteries are not just bad for the environment but they are also a complete pain in the arse to buy and replace. 

It’s our goal to be a fun and bold company obsessed with selling sex toys that make your orgasms exceptional. We'll never use stock photos of models prancing about in lingerie. Ricky Rabbit is our guy and he’ll be the one to pose with a butt plug up his rear-end should the time call for it.

ricky rabbit
ricky rabbit
ricky rabbit

Who is Ricky?

Do you know what rabbits love more than anything else? They love to fuck.

Perhaps that's why Ricky's mum and dad never quite realised just how special he was going to be. They were too busy trying out every position in The Bunny Kama Sutra to even notice how smart he was!

And Ricky Rabbit was very smart. Extremely smart.

Even as a baby he was an independent soul. While other rabbits were out hopping around and chewing on veg, he was bottle-feeding himself and reading books! He knew he was destined for something amazing.

But it all started when he was a young man, trying out every trick in the book to please the ladies in the clubs. He'd take home a different girl every night just to show them the time of their life. Ricky loved pleasure, who doesn't?

And our Ricky is a gentleman - the ladies always came first!

He honed his techniques, worked on his moves, and eventually came up with a winning formula for getting ladies' rocks off.

Ricky's carrot was never far from a lettuce patch, shall we say.

However, this lifestyle soon became dull to Ricky. Yeah, he was having mind- blowing sex every night of his life, making toes curl and eyes roll back, but that's not everything.

Ricky – forever the 'hoptimist' – wanted a wife.

She strolled into the club one night – long, luscious ears, a cute little smirk, and a 'hare-raising' body to die for. Miss Ricky was her name, and our furry friend began to work his moves on her.

Ricky wined, dined, and sixty-nine'd his way into her heart, and it didn't take long for wedding bells to begin ringing.

But there was a problem! A successful rabbit like Ricky couldn't always be there to tend to the needs of his horny little wife.

So Ricky decided to use his sexual prowess and intellect to his advantage. He was only going to provide the very best for his lover. He wanted to give her something she couldn't live without, something that made her feel like a million bucks.

That's when Ricky decided to find the best sex toys known to bunny-kind!

He worked tirelessly on his toys, ensuring they could meet the high expectations of his voracious bride.

Miss Ricky was certainly pleased with what he came up with!

And being a kind-hearted and carefree spirit, Ricky soon realised there was a whole wide world full of lady bunnies out there in need of sexual loving.

Why shouldn't everyone enjoy the same brain-melting orgasms as him and his wife?

That's why he’s the real brains behind Ricky.com – so each and every one of you lucky ladies can also find out what makes Miss Ricky scream.