Official Ricky Gift Card

Official Ricky Gift Card
Official Ricky Gift Card by Ricky on Ricky.comOfficial Ricky Gift CardOfficial Ricky Gift CardOfficial Ricky Gift Card

Don't know what sex toy to buy for your filthy-minded, sex-deprived friend? One of these cards should do the trick



Available in denominations of £30, £50 or £100.

Our gift card makes the perfect present for that special someone in your life who enjoys a 'bloody good rogering' - whilst you get to shy away from the decision of which sex toy it is they'll be getting down and dirty with.

Your gift card enables them to hand-pick their own vibrator and it's up to them if they share their choice with you!

All gift cards purchased will be digitally delivered via e-mail. If the card is being purchased as a gift you can either print it or forward the gift card e-mail onto the recipient.

If you need to check the balance of a gift card at anytime please contact us with the gift card number and we'll be happy to advise you.

Key Features

  • Ricky branded gift card. Perfect gift for a loved one who loves toys of the sexual variety
  • Great as a present for Birthdays, Valentine's, Christmas - hell, buy one for your Nan's diamond wedding anniversary if you think it suits
  • Available in £30, £50 or £100
  • Gift card delivered digitally to your e-mail address and available to spend immediately
  • Redeemable in one transaction or multiple transactions