Masturbate for Ricky's sake, it's bloody good for you!

Masturbation is natural, healthy and really really fun. Back in the 19th century masturbation was considered to be embarrassing and socially taboo; definitely not something you owned up to - but thankfully these views are outdated and we really shouldn't need to be reminded how bloody good a bit of self pleasure is for our mind and body.

So, why should I wank?


Great question. First, it's feels bloody awesome. But let's take a look at the science behind this. Wanking helps to stimulate the sensitive nerves located in your genitalia. Tons of natural and healthy chemicals race from these nerves up to your brain; sending very good, positive signals.

Your brain gets a rush of neurochemicals that create an overwhelming sense of euphoria! 

Beneficial hormones make you feel good

During (and after) an orgasm, your body releases a plethora of feel-good hormones that flood the brain including: oxytocin, dopamine, endorphins and prolactin

Dopamine is perhaps our favourite one here. It's a pleasure-inducing chemical which rushes around your body leaving you feeling relaxed and in a better mood.

Oxytocin has a direct impact on our cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone and is usually present in high levels in stressed people. Oxytocin will be released during orgasm and will help lower the amount of cortisol in our system.

Endorphins are amazing 'pain killing' chemicals released by the body which can help to alleviate any physical pain you feel. Endorphins interact with the opiate receptors in your brain to affect your perception of pain. A bit of hanky spanky can offer some natural chemical magic!

All of these hormones will work together to help you relax which can help to reduce your stress levels, whilst also improving your sleep.

Can masturbating help me sleep better?

Yes, we very much believe that masturbation can help you sleep better. Your body releases a truck load of oxytocin; along with prolactin during orgasm. These chemicals are known to have a relaxing effect on our bodies - meaning they can play their natural role in aiding us get a better night's sleep.

More benefits of solo masturbation

- No risk from STIs or of an unplanned pregnancy when you go under the covers with yourself.

- Learning about yourself and the way you like your clitoris or penis rubbed equips you better for sex with a partner. If you can determine the best way to touch yourself a 2015 study found that you boost the likelihood of experiencing more orgasms with your partner. Who knows you better than you?

- In men, frequent masturbation may reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Evidence suggests that an increased ejaculation frequency plays a beneficial role in staving off a prostate cancer diagnosis later in life.

- Masturbating can increase your sex drive! Research has suggested that married women who masturbate enjoy a higher sex drive than those who don't.

Reduce your stress levels each and every time you: flick your bean or spank the monkey! The oxytocin released by your body during orgasm will work to reduce your stress hormones.  

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