Get paid to be our sex toy tester!

Yes, you read that correctly you horned-up, sexed-up web surfers!

The team at Ricky are continuing to stick their two fingers up to this crap coronavirus situation by offering up some fun and pleasure this lockdown.

We want to find some of our horniest users to come and work for us as a sex toy tester.

This is a totally new idea for us. We've got absolutely no idea how it will pan out, but we think it's a f*cking great idea!

We'll send you some of our coolest, newest sex toys to try out from the comfort of your home (that way you won't need to worry about breaking Boris' stay-at-home rule.)

All you have to do is try it out, review it on your social media for us and then we'll pay you. Let's not over complicate this!

If you're horny, you love Ricky and you fancy being rewarded in cash monies for testing out sex toys - we need to hear from you.

Join us now:

You can apply for our sex toy tester job here. Full T&Cs over there!

Good luck and remember folks: whenever you're horny, make sure you pleasure yourself properly and #havearicky