For The Love of Lockdown!

Scroll on down for some absolute blowout bundle deals on sex toys!

We've never done these kind of sex toy packages before, but we're all in lockdown. Now's exactly the time to pick ourselves up and boost our sexual productivity (is that a thing? It is now!) 

First, a quick word from the socially distanced guy writing this...

Message from Tom Thurlow, founder of

These certainly are unprecedented times for all of us. Individuals are stuck indoors, key workers are risking their health to help the vulnerable, and businesses across the world are faced with heaps of uncertainty. It's all a bit heavy isn't it?

Here at Ricky, we're keeping the lights on to try and bring some much needed distraction. Introducing some relief into our day-to-day is a great way to improve both our mental wellbeing and our sexual happiness.

Safety is of paramount importance

Our small team are taking all the necessary precautions to be safe. We're following all official government advice; as well as maintaining a strict 2 metre distancing policy.

I'll do everything in my power to bring a bit of joy to our customers over the coming weeks and you can reach out to me any time you want on our IG, our Twitter, or even by e-mail:

The number of kind messages you guys have been sending into Ricky over the past month has been really touching. Any time you guys write an e-mail, post on social or leave us feedback - I read it several times over. 

Our customers are loyal and thoughtful, and over the coming weeks I want to do lots to pay this back (stay tuned to our socials and newsletter for this).

But for now, I hope you love the offers we've put together below. Massive savings can be had on our lockdown bundles and we're super excited to shout about them and give you guys some serious bang for your buck! 

Grab 1 of 6 sensational sex toy lockdown bundles and enjoy huge savings!

1. The one for couples

£69.00 £137.97

Put down the Sky remote for just one moment. You and your partner's sex life could do with a checkup, and this bundle could be the medication it needs.

2. The one for G-spot lovers

£69.00 £130.97

For those needing deeper penetration slather the lube over these bad boys and get this lockdown - locked down!

3. The one for horned-up guys!

£69.00 £130.96

Give your hand a rest and let Ricky's award winning vibrators take some of the strain!

4. The one with both Ricky Originals

£69.00 £132.97

It's the bundle you've all been crying out for. Two of Ricky's best selling vibrators for this steal of a price.

5. The one to experience anal pleasure

£59.00 £84.96

Introducing our beginner friendly anal toy kit. It's time to experience new sexual sensations during lockdown!

6. The one for luxury sex toy lovers

£69.00 £130.96

Lockdown in pure luxury with this bundle designed to stimulate and exercise the vagina with toys finished in gold