Meet the vibes with brand new 'swiping' technology

*New product launch klaxon*

In our never-ending quest to bring you innovation and the highest quality vibrators, the team at Ricky have unearthed a real treasure in the Bloom vibrator collection of 'swipe' vibrators.

These sex toys have been crafted with one of the most unique control pads we've ever seen. 

A beautiful floral leaf swipe bar can be activated with one swipe of the finger to control the vibration speed. Swipe left to slow things down; swipe right to take it up to the next level. There are five speed settings in total and you can apply these to five unique vibration patterns.

It's visually gratifying to see the leaves light-up as you activate each speed. Swipe fully to the right for maximum vibration and witness all the leaves light up!

These vibes have been manufactured with no expense spared. All wrapped in a safe & soft premium grade silicone; they feel utterly sublime against your body for a smooth and silky ride.

Each rechargeable vibrator boasts a super powerful motor that is whisper quiet... because the last thing anybody needs is Mum running into your room to search for that 'rumbling' noise.

And how can we not talk about that packaging? We take our hats off to the product designer behind these creations. The outer board is satisfyingly heavy, and thick! The beautiful floral illustration envelopes the entire box. (aside from the delicately cut window where you can view the beautiful teal-coloured sex toy)

We've already put a few of these aside as gifts. These sex toys are sooooo gift-able!

Take a closer look at this new 4-product 'swipe' range below. 


The Orchid Wand Vibrator

When the team at Bloom decided to make their own version of the wand, they carefully developed a classic and gave it a subtle, modern twist.

A long sleek handle that benefits from a gentle curve makes for perfect handling. The massager head is pleasingly tapered, yet rounded to offer ergonomic clitoris stimulation.

This wand massager is definitely for the individual who desires both substance and style.


The Violet Rabbit Vibrator

For those wanting a rabbit vibrator that is both powerful, sturdy and luxurious - look no further.

The Violet's rabbit arm has a nice girthy shape to sensually hold your clitoris. Take note of its tapered tip to offer a targeted stimulation to your love bead.

Now admire that main shaft. Oh boy! The higher you move your hand up its silky smooth shaft, the shape evolves into a fuller, more expanded G-spot deliverer. Its tip is expertly curved to target your G-spot. Its enlarged surface area will stimulate your deepest parts until it relents into a massive orgasm.


The Rose G-spot Vibrator

Don't need the rabbit arm playing around with your clitoris? Sure, no problem! This Rose G-spot Vibrator is the sex toy for you.

This little beauty is all about targeting the elusive G-spot. It's silky smooth shaft has been designed with seductive curves to woo your vagina into a wet, soppy mess.

Ergonomically the perfect shape to hold in your hand whilst the shaft gently widens to fill your vagina until its tapered and curved tip points towards your G-spot. Heaven.


The Tulip Clitoral Vibrator

Clitoral stimulation is often the most satisfying way for a woman to experience an orgasm. The clitoris is filled with thousands of sensitive nerve endings! Why not stimulate them with this beautiful palm-sized vibrator?

The silky smooth silicone 'ears' will vibrate, stir and rumble against the clitoris with each swipe of the finger.

The vibrations will cause the two contact points to vibrate and bounce off each other continuously to offer a unique clitoral stimulation. The experience is different to other clitoral vibrators (like a bullet) which usually just has one contact area.

Honestly, until you've tried it, you don't know what you're missing.