Ricky's First Sex Toy Testers Have Arrived

It's been an extraordinarily busy time here at Ricky. Not only do we scour the market for the very best sex toys, we also disrupt and challenge (wherever possible) the stigma covering masturbation.

Sexual wellness is hugely important for us all. We wrote a post not so long ago about the benefits of masturbation and how the body releases a plethora of beneficial hormones to help us relax.

So last month we came up with an idea to recruit members of the public to try out some of our amazing sex toys. Not only did it help us promote our sexual wellness messaging, it's also been a great opportunity to gather feedback so we can evolve as a brand.

Our Sex Toy Testers Are Ace

We received over 10,000 applications to test sex toys. We knew we'd get some interest - (I mean, who wouldn't want to get paid to try the best sex toys?) - but we couldn't have anticipated this level of demand!

Our small team spent days reading through each application meticulously. There were hundreds that we could've easily worked with. The passion you guys had for wanting to champion sex toys was astounding.

Behind the scenes we are now working on a *top secret* initiative that will enable us to work with more of the unsuccessful candidates who showed the most promise and enthusiasm. Please get in touch with us (if you haven't already) and we'll add your name to our list.

But for now - we proudly announce the sex toy testers who have reviewed their first toy already. Hopefully we'll be able to add more of our recruits here as they also begin to publish their feedback online.

Jessica, 31 years old, New York

Jessica is representing America in Ricky's sex toy tests

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am an ICU nurse in NYC. Nursing is already a stressful job as is prior to the pandemic of covid-19. However, the stress and challenges at work became even more unrelenting as NYC turned into the epicenter of the pandemic. It has turned my life upside down from work to family and life. I was forced to quarantine myself away from my husband and family for their safety due to my constant exposure to covid-19 every day at work. It felt like I was drafted to a far away place to go to war while not being able to see any of my loved ones at home. Not being able to be intimate and enjoy the physical pleasures with my husband has become a great obstacle I had to endure. I needed a way to destress and satisfy my needs. And now I am enjoying the pleasure of using toys so much more than ever.

What was the main reason you wanted to apply to be a sex toy tester?

When I read about the toy tester campaign I thought it would be very fun and stress relieving especially at times like this. I also wanted to experience something different by trying other toys. I figured it would be a great opportunity to spend time to learn and discover more about myself as to what I like and what brings me pleasure.

Have you ever used sex toys before? If so, what ones do you currently have?

I have used many sex toys before. I have used simple double A battery operated bullet vibrators to strong wand vibrators, simple dildos to rabbit vibrators and anal butt plugs. I have also used toys for couples such as vibrating cockrings or couples vibrator via a vaginal insert that provide internal and external stimulation for both partners during intercourse. I have used other vibrators that allow for wireless remote control via an app that can be controlled by your or your partner. They are also discreet enough to wear in public too! I love them all and still own quite a few today. I have my top favorites for each of the categories whenever my mood allows. I have ones that I enjoy most when soloing like my rabbit vibrator or wand vibrator and ones that I enjoy most with my spouse like the cockring. It all comes down to one's preference and you won't know what you and or your partner will like until you have tried them all. =)

What toys from Ricky look the most exciting to you and why?

This is a hard question because they all look exciting and fun to try. I think vibrators are the most exciting toys to me because of the broad variety of choices I can choose from depending the mood. Clitoral vibrators and wands are thrilling as they offer some of the best and strongest external stimulation which I love. Couple vibrators are provocative and exciting to experience with your partner while offering on the go pleasures for those bold or daring moments. What a great way to have fun with your partner and have some pleasure while you're at it.

What would you say to people who are yet to try a sex toy or who perceive it as a taboo?

I would say that you're missing out in life. It is like a buffet at a restaurant; you won't really know what you'd like unless you try them all and often times, you'd be surprised at the things that you discover. Don't turn it down until you given it all a fair try. After all, you have nothing to loose besides the pleasure you'd be missing out on otherwise. Everyone knows the tried and true but, to experience mind-blowing memorable moments, you need to step out of your comfortable boundaries and try something new. It's a great way to spice things up in life with no risk involved. So give yourself permission to do a little self loving and self discovery (by yourself or with a partner) and maybe reach some orgasms along the way. 

You can see Jessica's sex toy review on her Instagram channel: @pleasurefulmoments

Lucy, 24 years old, Lincolnshire

Lucy is fighting the sex stigma facing disabled people

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Hi, my names Lucy Dawson, I’m 24 and live in rural Lincolnshire. I have a degree in Criminology and work as a disabled model. My passion is raising awareness of Encephalitis, the brain disease which I fought when I was 21, which ultimately left me paralysed in one leg. I am also extremely keen to increase the visibility of disability in all sectors, from fashion to beauty, in the workplace and now - in the world of sex toys! 

What was the main reason you wanted to apply to be a sex toy tester?

The main reason I was excited to be involved with Ricky was to ensure that the brand was able to have some representation from the disabled community. Although I can not give an insight for every condition or illness, I think it’s vital for the company to show that they are disability friendly and I hope that I will be a direct line to other members of the disabled community through my own connections and social media platform and can in turn give feedback and insights about what we want and need. 

Have you ever used sex toys before? If so, what ones do you currently have?

I’ve been single pretty much my whole life, so I have tried almost everything. From bullets, to rabbits, wands and love eggs...jiggle balls, cock rings, vagina pumps, ties, cuffs, restraints, whips, paddles, riding crops, g spot vibrators THE LIST GOES ON! 

What toys from Ricky look the most exciting to you and why?

I’d be most excited to try the luxury rechargeable love egg vibrator with wireless remote control as I’m a big fan of love eggs but have only ever tried battery powered ones before. 

Also, the satisfyer pro plus vibration and clitoral suction vibrator, or the luxury high fashion rechargeable clitoral suction vibrator - as I have only used one suction vibrator before and would be interested to see how these differ! 

What would you say to people who are yet to try a sex toy or who perceive it as a taboo?

Anyone who hasn’t tried a sex toy before / thinks it’s taboo id really just say that you’re massively missing out! I know so many people, ladies in particular who have difficulty reaching orgasm or find their sex lives unenjoyable and with so many innovative and new toys on the market there’s really no reason to not try and spice things up! Besides, if you’re not trying to make a baby, the whole point of sex is to have fun! 

You can watch Lucy's sex toy reviews on her YouTube channel and read more about her story here.

Kae, 30 years old, Suffolk

Kae is also one of our passionate sex toy testers

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Kae, 30, Single, Digital Designer and Content Creator who lives by the Suffolk Sea!

My many passions include Music, Cinematography, Design, Photography, Fitness and most importantly - all things Sex and relationship related. 

I actively endorse the Body Positive and Sexual Liberation movements and believe that every person alive deserves to feel bloody amazing. I am currently setting up a local online sexual liberation support group in an attempt to help normalise the way people see and discuss masturbation and focus on all the positive physical and emotional aspects that come with self pleasure. 

What was the main reason you wanted to apply to be a sex toy tester?

Having plenty of experience with Sex Toys in the past, I was particularly excited to become a tester for Ricky as their products stood out as toys that had not only been beautifully crafted, but are also sustainable. Reading the company profile on their website was like a breath of fresh air for the sex toy industry and they really care about their customers.

Have you ever used sex toys before? If so, what ones do you currently have?

My favourite kind of toys are generally surface stimulators (Clit stims, wands etc.) so I tend to gravitate towards these in my collection - but there are few toys I haven't had some experience with. I mean, could I adopt the title of Sex Toy Connoisseur? Is that too much?

What toys from Ricky look the most exciting to you and why?

I am definitely drawn to the Luxury Pret-a-Porter Clitoral Suction Vibrator - I have yet to try a suction vibrator and am absolutely besides myself to give one a go.

What would you say to people who are yet to try a sex toy or who perceive it as a taboo?

To all you gorgeous people that have yet to discover all the wonderful things your body can do, my advice would be start simple. Get yourself something cute and less intimidating, the Ricky's Deluxe Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator is a perfect first choice, and make sure you've got some time alone to explore for the first time. Relax, have a bath or shower, chill out and remember that it's your body and if you don't know it well enough, you're not doing yourself justice (and missing out!)

To people who perceive Toys as 'Taboo', if we all work together to normalise all masturbation the way 'cis male' masturbation is openly discussed we will be a little step closer to that equality we've been striving for since the dawn of time. Masturbation is medicine and pleasure is for everyone - no exceptions, no guilt, no problems!

You can follow Kae's sex toy reviews on her Instagram channel: @playwithkae