New Virtual Pussies for Men

Masturbation is not only healthy, natural and lots of fun - it's life. Or at least that's what us lot at Ricky think. Then again we would say that wouldn't we? We're always horny!

Gentlemen, how about you up your wank game and opt for something super soft and sexy like these virtual pussies?

These new sex toys designed for men have been expertly crafted to simulate real sex. Modelled from real vaginas they include realistic vulva contours, detailed labia features and each one has a unique vagina to offer incredible stimulation.

Internally the vagina includes a stimulating structure that holds grooves and ridges to rub sensually against your penis during penetration. 

Quality is at hand here and each realistic pussy is made from a soft skin-feel material to closely resemble the real thing. It was important to us that when you plunge deep inside one of these vaginas you experience a supple & luxuriously soft sensation for your penis.

There are six masturbators in the series and each represents one of the beautiful models. You just need to decide which girl you fancy taking to bed.

Don't forget: use a renewal powder to restore your realistic vagina after use to help keep its shape and its material feeling supple & silky for next use.

Ricky Rabbit's personal favourite:

Nicole Adams Realistic Virtual Pussy 

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Fill up Nicole with one of Ricky's wet lubes and slide your penis deep inside her vaginal opening for some mind-blowing pleasure.

This masturbator has a heavy and satisfying feel to it. As you ride it, it'll encapsulate your penis and warmly snuggle it to offer you a sensual sexual feeling.

Its beautiful (and clever) internal structure is unique to Nicole. The bumps, the ridges, the nobs, will all work together to tease and gyrate against your penis to work it up into a throbbing stiffy. As you work it harder and harder it'll leave you wanting to blow your load all inside the canal.

Do you pace yourself and resist the temptation to cum early or perhaps you just need a quickie to quell the horn?