Five Sex Positions to Try This Christmas

Get to know some of the top sex positions for you to try this festive season.

The best positions for a quickie while you cook the turkey, or even a way of working it off after your afternoon nap. Which position will you be trying out this yuletide?

The Sleigh Ride

We’re sure you’ve heard of the doggy position - a firm favourite of the sex positions, but have you heard of the sleigh ride? This position is similar to doggy with just a little extra effort and a whole lot more Christmas spirit.

Simply lay face down with your hips raised slightly, have your partner lay over you, then thrust. Yes, you are the sleigh but you're passenger wont be the only one getting the ride of their life, we promise.

If you want an even bumpier sleigh ride why not add in some extra vibrations, we suggest the vibrating cock ring or satisfyer double joy partner vibrator for some extra pleasure to both you and your partner.

Snow Angel

The snow angel can be a position enjoyed in two ways.

The oral sex snow angel – A very simple snow angel position. Lay flat on your back and spread your legs and arms into a snow angel position and just let your partner get to work pleasuring with their mouth, hands, or your favourite sex toys.

The penetrative snow angel – Think of 69ing and missionary combined and you have yourself the snow angel with penetration. For this Christmassy position you lay on your back with your partner laying over the top of you, facing towards your feet. Their legs will rest by your shoulders, acting as your spread snow angel wings. Wrap your legs around their waist and elevate your pelvis to be in complete control of the thrusting.

Jingle Bells

    This position is for those who really like their bells jingled. To start off, we recommend getting into the reverse cowgirl position on top of your partner to get a good angle to jingle their balls. Get a good motion on top of them, to turn the festive feeling up a notch why not put on some Christmas hits to get a festive rhythm going.

    The beauty of this position is that you can get into position you want and get jingling those bells. Whether its while performing oral, in your personal favourite sex positions or even while pleasuring yourself, as long as your hand can reach around to those balls you can perform the jingle bells.

    A top tip to make those bells jingle even louder is to add some vibrations into the mix. Why not give one of our bullet vibrator a try? We promise you won't be disappointed.

    The Nutcracker

    There are two ways to enjoy The Nutcracker...

    Option 1.

    Climb on top and start bouncing vigorously to really get those nuts cracking. It's as simple as that.

    Option 2.

    For an extreme level of this festive feeling you will need to get your favourite ball orientated sex toys out. Dig out your cock and ball rings, we suggest using a ball stretcher or adjustable ball splitter to really enjoy those nuts cracking. Sex toys in place, its time for your partner to climb on top and start riding.

    The Stocking Stuffer

    A position to get working that turkey and all the trimmings off! With The Stocking Stuffer you want to go in deep and hard. Stuff it as far in there as pleasurable so you can to really pack as much of your present in as possible.

    How do I get it in as far as possible we hear you ask? Well, much like a missionary position but propping your partners legs straight over your shoulders, making for deep penetration that really gives you a good stuffing.