The Ricky Love Egg Surprise is Back!

Yes, all the rumours are true! Today is the official relaunch date for the Ricky Love Egg Surprise. If you missed it back when we trialled the product in 2020, now’s your time to get stuck into the luxurious chocolate Easter egg containing one of five collectable surprise sex toys inside. We like to think of it as a racier alternative to the Kinder egg that’s suitable for adults ONLY this coming Easter. After all, adults deserve some Easter fun too, right?

 Handmade in the UK, with the highest quality ingredients to make one truly ‘egg-splosive’ treat that’s both delicious and a little racy. Experience real luxury and devour the whopping thick egg, made from 275 grams of premium Swiss chocolate, before making use of the playful adult surprise within. Sure, we’ve done everything to make the chocolate shell of this Easter surprise ever-so enjoyable, but it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. Each egg features a surprise vibrator that is fully rechargeable and comes with its own charging cable for long lasting fun. 

 Among the five different toys to collect you could find yourself with a bullet, a couple’s toy a bunny-shaped stimulator and more. The Ricky Love Egg Surprise really does make for a truly unforgettable Easter treat. Each Swiss chocolate egg also comes with an embossed greeting card and envelope making it perfect for gifting!

Like any Ricky order, the Love Egg Surprise is delivered in discreet packaging, with no mention of the adult toy brand or what’s contained inside the package, giving you the reassurance that there will be no strange looks from grandma around the dinner table this Easter. It’s totally incognito.

Ricky love egg surprise


How did the Ricky Love Egg Surprise begin?

We initially created 300 eggs back in 2020, releasing the product as a pilot to test demand – let me tell you the demand blew us away! The range sold out quicker than we ever expected, with order analysis showing that many people were buying multiple eggs, likely in the hope of collecting all five toys up for grabs. Clearly, we’re all in agreement that even as adults we still enjoy collecting toys, just this time they’re giving us a different type of fun.

You may be sat there thinking “what if my sex toy doesn’t suit my nether regions?” Well, whilst the contents of each egg is kept a secret, you can select if you want the surprise toy to be suitable for female or male parts to ensure you get a toy perfect for you!

Following the pilot launch in 2020, we we’re eager to get the Love Egg Surprise rolling again for Easter 2021. Unfortunately, due to covid restrictions, the UK factory we source our chocolate from was forced to temporarily close. This did not discourage us though; it’s back tasting and feeling better than ever for 2022!

Those itching to get their hands on the unique Easter egg can place their order online, with delivery available to customers in the UK and US. Retailing at £49.95, with free delivery included (within the UK), the product is now available for purchase here.