Which universities have the horniest students?

Discover the thirstiest students who splurge the most on sex toy orders - with Ricky’s Biggest University Spenders.

We’ve delved balls-deep into our sales data to take a peek at student buying habits over the past 12 months. By looking at how many orders are dispatched to halls of residence addresses + the average amount spent, we can quickly deduce which students in the UK spend the most on sex toys and WHICH TOY comes out on top.

Why did we do this?

After having lived through three national lockdowns - where socialising was limited (or cut off completely) - it’s no wonder we’ve seen our sales skyrocket in recent months. Students have been some of the most affected: not being able to socialise, enjoy nights out; nor generally get a true feel for the university experience. We wanted to see just how many sex toy sales were made by uni students to their halls of residence and to see if Covid has made an impact on orders. 

Bye bye battery powered toys!

Student spending has increased by 50% this year versus last year, with the average spend per student surging from £40 to £60 in the past 12 months. One trend we’ve spotted is that students are becoming more environmentally conscious, shunning disposable battery-powered toys and prioritising body-safe toys more than ever before. Who knew we could do our bit for climate change through having a Ricky, hey? 

Of the raunchiest students who’ve spent the most on toe-curling goodies, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Alma Mater, St. Andrews, shockingly tops the list, with students splashing a whopping £154 in average basket spend - what a gag! In comparison, Cranfield University sits at rock bottom, with an average basket spend of just £8. 

Overall, students living in the North definitely beat those in the South. Perhaps this was down to the cold weather necessitating a Ricky to stay warm?

When it comes to favourite toys, the wand massager outsold all others 4:1 and it’s no surprise. They’re versatile and certainly pack the biggest vibration strength for your buck! One unnamed student from the University of Essex even placed an order for an assortment of 12 rabbit vibrators.

Sexy student insights 

 The top five student requests we’ve received over the past year were:

  • A change of address
  • To confirm how discreet the packaging is
  • Whether Ricky is coming to Freshers Fairs near them
  • Customising a vibrator or dildo for a gift
  • Asking if they can charge the vibrators using their laptops

    The UK’s Biggest Student Spenders 

    The full league table of all 132 universities in the UK, ranked according to their average spend on sex toys, can be found below… 

    league table

    In terms of the bottom five universities, we’re racking our Ricky brains of what we might do to improve sales. Should we hire a ‘sex toy bus’ and tour the campuses giving out free dildos to boost the libido of these students?! Watch this space.