What Is Foreplay and Why Is It Important?

If you don’t know what foreplay is, then you should probably get to know! Honestly, your partner will thank you. Heat things up in the bedroom and ignite desire with a bit of foreplay before you jump into some full-blown thrusting. 

So, what is foreplay? 

You know all that fun stuff you do before having sex? That’s foreplay. Think lips, hands, fingers, tongues and experimenting with sex toys; imagine it as a warm-up for the main, orgasmic event. It goes without saying that foreplay can absolutely be exercised without it having to lead to actual penetration and can, in some cases, even be the best part of sex!

Let’s break it down

How do you go about having the best sex you’ve ever experienced? You set the mood.

Maybe spark some candles or dim the lights before getting comfortable in a room you feel calm in. Setting a sexy scene is all part of the initial foreplay steps that will make your sexual encounter steamier than it’s ever been before.

As previously discussed, foreplay doesn’t just have to consist of physical contact. Introduce dirty talk to really get each other’s bits throbbing. Igniting that voracious desire for intimacy will make sex feel even better - I promise! By the time you get into the main course of full-blown sex, you’ll barely be able to keep your hands off one another.

You can next move on to some kissing and a little bit of light fondling to really get hearts racing. Now is the time to introduce the use of both your hands and mouth during this step of foreplay. Some consensual sexual teasing never hurt anyone and, ultimately, that’s the purpose of foreplay; to tease your partner into feeling extra aroused.

Take your time and find out all about your partner’s desires. Foreplay doesn’t need to be rushed, so get relaxed in your partners company and enjoy yourself.

Why is foreplay important?

Foreplay prolongs the excitement of sex and is a really important over jumping straight into penetration. How many times have you worked yourself up to have intercourse, only for it to be a little more short-lived that you hoped for? Not good, right? Foreplay is great for those who get a bit too excited and perhaps lack stamina on the orgasm front. It can potentially even be one of the best parts of the sexual experience and can make penetrative sex feel even better!

Foreplay is the part of sex that really helps get your mind and body ready for the main event. It allows time for erections to reach peak hardness for top satisfaction for both parties, while clitoral stimulation for vagina-owners who struggle to reach climax with penetration alone can take centre stage.

Speaking of vaginas, lube can be your best friend when it comes to getting everything moving nicely when penetration is involved; but these particular love parts will naturally loosen and become more slippery the more the proud owner becomes aroused and produces natural lubrication, making sex a much more comfortable and sensual experience.

When it comes to anal sex, lube-based foreplay is super important to ensure a pleasurable experience. The anus doesn’t naturally lubricate and going in “dry” is the worst idea ever, no matter how in a rush you may be to reach peak satisfaction.

Introducing sex toys into foreplay

Here at Ricky, we’re huge advocates for some extra vibrations during foreplay (and at any point of the day really!). Even though we’d happily whack out our sex toy collection at any possible opportunity, foreplay is possibly the best time to do so.

Vibrating cock rings are not just to enhance the pleasure of the wearer. The cock ring sits around the shaft and its vibrations travel to erogenous zones of the partner, such as the clitoris or during anal penetration, to stimulate you both. They can also be used for mind-blowing BJs and hand jobs; and if you’re want an extra hard erection, a vibrating cock ring is the ultimate third wheel.

Another sex toy that is ideal for foreplay is a couple’s vibrator. Specifically designed for couples to get a little fruity, these vibrating pocket rockets are great to inject a little bit more excitement into the bedroom. Try a remote-controlled vibrator to be in control of your partner’s pleasure while you get in the mood. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could even wear it on the go to start the foreplay before you’re even in the bedroom.

There is no one-size-fits-all guide to foreplay. Ultimately, it’s all about understanding one another’s desires and taking your time to get ready for (and build up to) a mind-blowing orgasm. Experimenting is key and whilst your hands and mouths can certainly do the job at hand, you should definitely consider bringing toys and lube into the equation for an unforgettable experience.