The Best Sex Toys for Men

Many may think that sex toys are strictly created for the vulva only. However, those people would be very wrong. The good news is that if you have a penis, you can still enjoy the helping hand of a sex toy.

Why are men so afraid of sex toys?

It’s thought that the majority of heterosexual men are not comfortable with using sex toys for personal gratification. Men use their own hand to get themselves off, so what’s so wrong with testing out some sex toys? The answer is absolutely nothing! Everyone deserves some self-love and using a toy just brings masturbation to an even more orgasmic level of pleasure.

If you’re sat here nonplussed at where you’d even begin purchasing the perfect sex toy for your penis, then let us enlighten you into a whole new world of masturbation. Yes, there are many more options out there than just making do with your own hand, so buckle up, you’re in for a whirlwind of excitement!

The best sex toys for men

Whether your preference is a vagina, anus, or the suction of lips, the perfect sex toy is out there for you to stick your erection into. Gone are the days that those with a penis only have a small variety of toys to choose from. We all have different wants and needs so choosing a toy that suits your sexual preference is ultimately the main criteria when picking your personal masturbator.

Perhaps you’re sat at home on a Friday night feeling a little aroused and wondering what the antidote may be. Instead of calling that ex you know you need to get over, reach for your trusty sex toy to do the job instead, leaving you with no regrets.

The virtual blow job

There are some sensations that you just can’t mimic with your own hand no matter how many DIY methods you try. If you’re a penis owner who loves a little bit of lip action, then let me introduce you to the handheld virtual blow job!

Moulded to resemble lifelike lips all you need to do is slide your penis in and out of the lips for the ultimate blow job sensation. To add to the pleasure, you’ll find your erection met with grooves to make your virtual blow job an even more enjoyable experience.  

Your personal handheld anus

Masturbation just got a (w)hole lot more exciting! Yes, you can even bag yourself a personal handheld anus to fulfil all your anal penetration needs.

Crafted in a smooth silicone this realistic butt hole is the perfect play mate and one of the best sex toys for those that appreciate anal play.

Pussy power

Last but not least, we have the life like vagina. Pop your package inside this ultra-realistic pussy and glide it in and out in as vigorous motion as you prefer - slow and sensual or fast and fierce it’s your choice!

Just like all the other handheld masturbators you’ll find your penis met with lumps and bumps to satisfy you even further. It’s one of the best sex toys for men that crave masturbation that feels just like the real deal.

Penis vibrators

You didn’t think vibrators were just for the vulva, did you? In fact, there are a variety of different male vibrators to choose from depending on your preferred sensation. If you’re looking for a vibrating blowjob, deep penetration, or the ultimate hand job there’s a match for you!

Depending on your chosen vibrator you can enjoy up to 14 unique vibration patterns. Cycle through the settings until you find the sensation that really gets juices flowing.

The ultimate third wheel

For the greatest pleasure it is wise to bump this twosome up to a threesome by introducing in a slippery helping hand.

Squirt a generous amount of your favourite lube onto your penis to make your masturbation feel even more incredible and keep everything sliding along comfortably. Our best selling The Silky Stuff lube is non-sticky and resembles a cum-like texture for hyper-realistic masturbation.

Go forth and masturbate to your hearts content with guaranteed comfort, there’s no friction burns here.

Get cleaning

Don’t forget to clean your sex toys after use. This is not only hygienic but will keep your sex toys looking and feeling as good as new so you can continue enjoying some self-pleasure for as long as possible!

Wipe down any extra fluid with a dry cloth before spritzing with a sex toy cleaner to eliminate any bacteria from growing. Finally, dust the inside of your toy with the Satisfyer Renewing Powder, this extra step will extend the life of your masturbator and keep it feeling silky smooth.

For the full low down on how to clean your sex toys click here!