Get paid to test our new relationship-saving sex toy bundle!

Has your relationship lost its spark? Are you gagging for something to spice yours and your partners non-existent sex life up? Then we may have just the proposal for you!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching we have decided to treat 10 thirsty couples, with a broken sex life, to test out our brand-new Valentine’s Day bundle named The Relationship Saver and earn £250 while doing so! Just call us cupid.

This sex life saving bundle includes four items specially tailored to inject some excitement back into the bedroom. It includes a wireless love egg, a rechargeable couple’s vibrator, a tapered plug and a bottle of lubricant to really get hearts racing and headboards shaking.

The Relationship Saver bundle with lube, butt plug, vibrator and love egg

Why are we doing this?

After surveying 2,200 UK adults over the age of 18 and finding out that almost half had experienced a break-up on or around Valentine’s Day due to a poor sex life, we spotted an opportunity to create something to help affected couples rekindle that sexy spark.

After being asked about the main reasons for the relationship breaking down, the most common reasons were as follows:

  • Lack of communication - 71% (said it contributed to their breakup)
  • Poor sex life - 63%
  • Not spending enough quality time together - 57%
  • Lying and cheating - 46%
  • Falling out of love - 29%

Valentine’s Day can be a hard time of the year for those in a sexless relationship. Whilst it can be a great day for the loved-up couples, those with struggling relationships can often feel deflated and left out.

Here at Ricky, we certainly haven’t forgotten about the ones lacking sexual closeness with their other half. If this sounds like you then get involved and let us deliver one of our new turbo-charged packages, designed specifically to get your sex life back on track. Who knows, by next Valentine’s Day you could be among those loved-up (and sexually satisfied) couples!

Sex is such an important aspect of any relationship, and we recognise that when that spark starts to fade, the rest of your relationship can also start to go up in smoke. We really wanted to help in a tangible way, and we think our new sex toy bundle will be the first step to improvement!

Who are we looking for?

If you identify with any of the relationship breakdown reasons above, then WE WANT YOU!

We are seeking 10 couples that are either in a sexless relationship or in a relationship experiencing low quality sex, to test run the new Relationship Saving bundle and provide feedback on the results.

We’re looking for couples from a diverse range of backgrounds, whether that’s straight or part of the LGBTQ+ community. You and your partner need to have been together on or off for a minimum of two years to get involved with this relationship saving experiment.

You can be located anywhere in the world and will have the transformative bundle (worth £130.80) sent out in time for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re having sex less than 2-3 times a month or would score the quality of your sex as 4 out of 10; or lower we would love to hear from you!

 Applications are open from the 1st February 2022 and close 12th February 2022. If successful, you will be contacted shortly afterwards to arrange delivery of your new relationship-saving bundle.

Once it’s been tried and tested, we will be asking you to report back about what impact the products had on their sex life.

For those in a relationship struggling in the bedroom and would love to get testing, head over to our application page: