Find your perfect sex toy match with Ricky

Have your hands stopped satisfying your masturbations needs and now you’re seeking a new play mate for your me-time? It might be time to start investing in your sex toy collection and rocket play time to a new galaxy of horny.

But which is the right toy for me? We’re glad you asked. No need to spend hours swiping through potential matches, you’re in the capable hands of Ricky - the know-it-all sex-pert who is here to guide you through finding your perfect sex toy match!

The perfect sex toys for some self-love.

If you’re looking for something that’s going to satisfy your masturbation needs and get you climaxing like never before, then you’re most certainly in the right place. You may have heard of the standard dildo and vibrator but there are tons more toys out there ready to excite you in the bedroom.

Here at Ricky, we love a bit of self-gratification and know how important it is to find the right toy to satisfy your personal needs and really get those legs shaking with pleasure. Sex toys aren’t a one size fits all situation; we all have different sexual preferences so why wouldn’t we have different sex toy choices!

The Dodil Mouldable Silicone Dildo

Are you an artistic soul who loves to get crafty just as much as you love to get off? Then The Dodil Mouldable Silicone Dildo could be perfect for you. Heat your dildo in warm water and get moulding to your hearts content. Design a dildo that suits your specific girth, length, and texture needs. Keeping you in control of your pleasure.

Ultimate Rabbits No.1 - Dual Stimulator

If you’re a multitasker that thrives off having multiple things going on at once, you’ll be perfectly matched to our Ultimate Rabbit dual stimulator. Designed to arouse the clitoris and g-spot simultaneously, providing a maximum pleasure experience. This toy is one for those who want all areas aroused.

Ricky’s Ultimate Wand Massager

Ricky’s Ultimate Wand Massager is a Ricky best seller and for good reason! Great for the indecisive, this wand is designed with two super strength motors to deliver the strongest of vibrations and can either be inserted deep to tease your g-spot or flipped and used to delight your clitoris. Don’t know whether you want g-spot pleasure or clitoral stimulation? Then this versatile fella will be your best friend.

Vibrating Blowjob Simulator

If you can’t get enough of that blowjob feeling and are wanting to up your masturbation game then we have the perfect option for you – the blowjob simulator. There will be no more sticky situations, instead just realistic simulation that tugs you back and forth. With a toy this good it will definitely keep you cummin’ back for more.

Toys To Satisfy You and Your Partner

Share some of the love with sex toys designed for couples play. Toys aren’t just for singles, try adding some excitement to the bedroom with sex toys designed to stimulate both you and your partner.

Silky Stuff Lubricant 

Don’t overlook the need for using lubricant during sex! Yes, the vagina may create its own wetness when aroused but adding a touch of extra slip can just make everything that little more enjoyable without any awkward friction. To enhance pleasure and have long-lasting slippery sex, lube is a crucial ingredient. Look no further than the silky stuff lubricant. This non-sticky, odourless lube makes for the ideal third playmate for you and your partner and has everything gliding much more smoothly.

Luxury Rechargeable Vibrating Cock ring

Slide the super soft silicone cock ring over your penis and let the excitement begin. Cock rings are perfect for achieving the hardest erection possible and send stimulating vibrations to seduce the clitoris and penis simultaneously, making them the ideal choice to help you and your parent get off. If you and your partner are just starting off with trying toys in the bedroom, then a cock ring is perfect to ease you into the vast world of sex toys.

Satisfyer couple’s vibrator

Satisfyer by name satisfying by nature. This couples vibrator will have your sex game reaching all new levels on intensity. With its powerful vibrations that won’t only massage the penis shaft but send stimulating waves of vibration to the g-spot to create supreme pleasure for both parties. Slip the slim vibrator into the vagina alongside the penis and feel the increase in pleasure, we guarantee you’ll be reaching for this toy every steamy session.

Toys for those who like a little butt experimentation

If you’re already an expert in the dildo and vibrator department, then why not test out something a little spicier with some anal toys. Great for the targeting the prostate, our range of butt plugs and anal vibrators are guaranteed to open a whole new world of sensations in the bedroom.

Anal Beginner Silicone Butt Plug

Want to show yours or your partners butt some attention but aren’t used to anything too big? Then why not try Ricky’s three pack of butt plugs, the perfect threesome for all your butt needs. Their ultra-soft touch surface makes them the idea plugs for beginners and it’s seductive swirl texture will intensely stimulate your behind. If you’re needing a little extra slip then team with a squirt of the silky-smooth lube for extra pleasure.

XL Large Anal Fisting Dildo

Are you already an expert in the anal region and looking for something to really (ful)fill your butt? Then we present to you the XL anal fisting dildo! Sure to give you the pounding you deserve, this sex toy definitely packs a punch! The extra strong suction cup on the end of the fisting dildo secures to the palm of your palm for free action. Team this with a generous amount of fisting butter for an anal experience like no other.