Best Sex Toys for Beginners

Trying a sex toy for the first time can feel like a daunting prospect. There are many misconceptions that feed people's worries that sex toys comprise of large, vein-covered dildos. Or that only experienced users are going to enjoy them.

Let's put this to bed now (excuse the pun). Sex toys aren't just made up of penis-like dildos. In fact, the vast majority of our best selling sex toys are vibrators. We sell hundreds of smaller vibrators every single day.

Small vibrators (like bullets or G-spot stimulators) are perfect for those wanting to experiment with solo play and offer a diverse number of functions in a size that is inviting and non-intimidating.

There's a plethora of choice to be had. So to help you decide, we've categorised 5 types of sex toy that are best suited for beginners. Now all you have to do is choose the one that best meets your need.

The mini vibrator perfect for clitoral stimulation

To start the list of recommendations is a bullet vibrator; quite easily the best selling sex toy we sell on

These vibes are the smallest type of sex toy available and make them best suited to beginners or those wanting something discreet. Stuff it in your handbag and you can take these little beauties with you on the move.

Their size and shape make them perfect for clitoral stimulation. They usually have a tapered or rounded end to tease and tantalise your clit. Most bullets will come with a range of different vibration settings to cycle between so you can decide how strong or gentle you want the vibration.

Ricky stocks a large variety so you can choose the design that looks most appealing to you. All vibrators on Ricky are 100% rechargeable - you'll never need to worry about disposable batteries again!

Lil' Classic Bullet Vibrator with Luxury Storage Case

Small dildos for tighter vaginas (not all dildos have to be big!)

Of course if you want to try out a dildo - the oldest form of sex toy - why not try out a smaller one?

You might have tried a dildo in the past and it could well have been too big for you? There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach, so it makes sense that some women need to experiment with a few different sized dildos.

Ricky has a small dildos collection which offer a range of penis-like toys that are smaller in length and girth.

These will offer a more comfortable fit for your vagina and the great thing about dildos is that you can enjoy them at your own pace. Set the rhythm and experience lifelike penetration with these G-spot focussed toys.

Small Curved Realistic Dildo with Suction Cup 5.5 Inch

Small Curvewith Suction Cup 5.5 Inchd Realistic Dildo 

Intensify the stimulation for your man with a cock ring

Ok, ok, let's balance the playing field out a bit and recommend something for the men. An absolute must-try for the guys is a cock ring: the sex toy to intensify stimulation during solo or couple play.

A cock ring wraps around an erect penis to reduce the amount of blood flow leaving the penis giving you a longer and harder erection than ever before.

Many different styles of cock ring are on offer including ones that comfortably stretch around your penis for a snug fit, others include loops to offer a grip around your scrotum and our personal favourites vibrate!

Vibrating cock rings not only tingle your sensitive spots for increased sensation but they also pleasure your other half during intimacy. For example, wear this classic rechargeable cock ring during sex and it will vibrate against your lady's love bead to stimulate her clitoris whilst you simultaneously penetrate her. Oo-er!

Classic Rechargeable Cock Ring Vibrator

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and tighten your vagina with kegel balls

Ferne McCann recently popped up in the news to tell women to do pelvic floor exercises after admitting herself that she has experienced bladder leaks.

Many women are unaware of the benefits to be had from using sex toys like love eggs or kegel balls as a fun way to exercise the vagina. Use these jiggle balls by inserting them inside your vagina during a daily routine (on your way to work, as you watch television on the sofa or perhaps when you go to the gym).

The movement from the jiggle balls will cause you to tighten and exercise your vagina to hold them in place. Over time, your pelvic floor muscles will strengthen giving you better bladder control and a tighter vagina.

The sensation of the kegel balls rolling about inside your vagina offers a uniquely satisfying feeling. Give it a go!

Pillow Talk Frisky Luxury Single & Double Kegel Ball Set 130g

Try something totally new and experience anal sex. Butt plugs for beginners

Experience something completely new and explore the incredible sensations of anal sex in a comfortable, beginner-friendly way.

Putting something inside your butt might not sound appealing at first thought. Isn't it something reserved for the LGBTQ community? No, definitely not!

We all have a butt and they are absolutely wonderful parts of our body that are filled with sensitive nerves that can be stimulated through careful play. In fact, the pudendal nerve that serves the anus also branches to the dorsal nerve of both the clitoris and the penis. This is very much an erogenous zone connected to a world of pleasure.

Try one of Ricky's beginner anal toys that are best suited for first timers wanting to experience anal sex. The butt plugs and anal beads featured are all made from body-safe materials and are smaller and graduating in size to help ease you gently into it.

Make sure you use an anal lubricant to make insertion both easier and more pleasurable.

Beginner Anal Toys as featured on

Anal Beginner Silicone Butt Plug Set of 3