How to massage the P-spot (Prostate stimulation explained)

You’ve probably heard about the prostate and the fabled P-spot before, but have you ever taken the time to look up what it is and how to stimulate it? Keep on reading if you want to find out all the juicy details.

Whether you’re a lovely lady looking to treat your man or a saucy fella wanting to experiment with new and exciting ways to gratify yourself, this is definitely the article you’ve been looking for.

Don’t be worried, your old pal Ricky Rabbit is here to guide you through this exhilarating new time in your life. Take my hand and we’ll delve into the mysteries and pleasures of of the prostate.

What exactly is the prostate?

The prostate gets a bad rep in popular culture. We hear about the G-spot and the clitoris constantly, but little P-Diddy hardly ever seems to get a mention. Maybe it’s because there’s so much confusion about what it actually is and its purpose?

Essentially, the prostate is a small gland located just under the bladder and surrounding the urethra. It’s only found in men and is responsible for producing the thick, white fluid that mixes with sperm to produce semen.

How do you stimulate the P-spot?

Now we get to the fun stuff. Prostate stimulation is known to be a source of extreme pleasure and can double (or even triple) the strength and sensation of an orgasm. How does that sound, fellas?

For any anal-averse chaps who’re cringing at the thought of shoving anything up their bum, we’ve got some good news. You can even stimulate the P-spot from the outside of your body. Although really, guys, come on - it’s 2019.

It should go without saying that using a sex toy - something like a Prostate Anal Probe - is an excellent way to dip your toes into the alluring world of the P-spot. Lube it up and get to work finding your new favourite alone time activity.

The P-spot can be stimulated either anally, with a finger or a toy, or it can be massaged by stroking the perineum - the area of your skin directly below the pelvic diaphragm and situated between the legs - and applying a comfortable amount of pressure. If massaging anally, you need to get about three inches into the rectum and rub upwards towards the base of the penis.

Guys can easily get the job done alone (my furry right hand has done more than its fair share of exploring over the years), but for a truly mind blowing experience, you’re going to want to combine it with other sexual acts. No horny little hare should go without experiencing a blowjob/prostate massage combo at least once in their lives!

How to find and massage your prostate with your finger or an anal sex toy

Experimenting in the bedroom

Obviously, consent and communication are key here. Ladies should avoid diving straight in without having a chat with their partner about what they want. And likewise, guys should probably ask nicely before demanding a ‘special massage’ from their lady friends.

We’re all adults here, you know the deal. Communication makes sex a million times better, so make sure you’re having the right conversations at the right time before anyone gets hopping mad.

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