The Best Sex Positions for Deep Penetration

Looking to scratch that itch and get a little more pleasure from your carnal leisure? Ricky Rabbit has got your back, don’t worry.

In this list, I’m going to take you on a whirlwind adventure through five of the best sex positions for deeper penetration. That’s right, gang. I’m going to share with you some of the secrets that have kept me and Miss Ricky happily humping away after all these years.

Now, considering that I don’t know whether you’re a bonnie lass or a strapping young lad, I’ll refrain from referring to ‘you’ as the receiver or giver. No specifics here, just juicy details and sexy instructions for that ‘hoppy ending’ you desire.

And with that out the way, let’s dive straight into the first item on our ‘hare raisingly’ lusty list.

The Prone Bone

Sex Position - The Prone Bone or Flatiron

Prone Bone, Flatiron, Bunny Style - whatever you want to call this position, it’s an old favourite for both the ladies and the lads. More intimate and even deeper than traditional doggy style, this one is a sure-fire way to titillate the G-spot.

She lies flat on her stomach (try it with a pillow under the hips to increase comfort and elevation) and has her legs spread out to the back. He penetrates from behind, supporting his weight with his big old biceps.

Whether you’re treating this as the main event or just an exciting bit of foreplay - this is one of the most enjoyable positions for both of you lovebirds.


Sex Position - Spooning

If you’re anything like me and my missus, you probably get into a lot of lovers’ quarrels about who gets to be the little spoon every night? Well, with this sex position, you’re in for a delicious treat whatever size spoon you end up being. It’s also perfect for that lazy morning sex we all love.

Lying side-by-side ensures plenty of room to manoeuvre, a lot of penetrating power, ample opportunity to explore all areas with your hands, and some of the best G-spot stimulation you’re likely to ever encounter. Saucy stuff.


Sex Position - The Face Off

No, I’m not talking about that Nicholas Cage movie, ya’ silly bunny. This is one of the most intimate and loving sex positions a couple can try, and it’s bound to blow more minds than any action B-movie.

With the fella sitting on a chair or the edge of the bed, she wraps her legs around his body (or kneels either side) and sits in his lap. Both of you will be putting equal effort into the pace and passion with this position. You can go as fast or as slow as you want.

Believe me, the orgasm it delivers will be just as spine-tingling either way.

The Face-Off allows penetration as deep as you desire and you both have your hands free to do whatever you want. Expect plenty of back-scratching, spanked bottoms, and passionate kissing. You’re both in for a naughty treat with this one.

The Anvil

Sex Position - The Anvil

If you’re after something a bit more rough and tumble and less vanilla, The Anvil is the ideal sex position for you. Girls get a variety of deeply penetrating angles and the guys get to enjoy a view to die for while getting their rocks off.

This certainly isn’t a position that’s comfortable for everyone, but with her lying on a bed with her legs raised up and backwards, he can vary the angle of penetration and give her the most brain-meltingly intense G-spot stimulation ever.

Definitely one for the seasoned pros out there. 

Reverse Cowgirl

Sex Position - The Reverse Cowgirl

Every now and again I like letting Miss Ricky take control in the bedroom. She ‘hops’ on top and gets to control exactly how fast and how deep we go. I get to lay back and enjoy the ride.

This is one of the easiest ways to stimulate the G-spot and get that carrot deep in the lettuce patch, if you know what I mean. With her legs wide open on top, ladies can guarantee a much deeper and delightful entrance.

Of course, Reverse Cowgirl position doesn’t leave the fellas entirely without control. If you’re both in the mood, the men can take care of the action from underneath and help control the flow of the fun. That’s what’s so great about the Reverse Cowgirl, it’s completely flexible (a lot like Miss Ricky).

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